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Буџетите на општината за 2015 година и пред неа, а и сите измени, дополнувања и ребаланси можат да се најдат во службените гласници од 2005-2018 кои се поставени на општинската веб страница или во делот општи акти.

Социјална карта на општина Струмица

Natural Resources


It can be found in the village of Bansko, at a distance of 50 metres south – west of the locality “Roman Spa”. The capacity of the spring is 42 litres in a second, the temperature is 72°C and this capacity is sufficient for water supply and quality operating of the spa. The water contains heavy minerals which form thick deposit of freestone during the sedimentation. The whole space between the spring and the spa is covered with thick deposits of freestone. The water is remedial.

It is an endemic type of fern and can be found in the vicinity of the villages of Bansko and Gabrovo, which is the only place in the Balkans where you can find it. It spreads on an area of about 500 m² and is used in the textile industry.

It is one of the most beautiful parks in the country after it was renovated in 1996 and 1998. It is divided into four parts and occupies an area of 84 928 m². There are 1340 seedlings of trees and bushes, as well as seedlings of birch, spruce, lilac, sycamore, tyja and many others. The sports stadium “Mladost”, the sports centre “Park”, sports complex “Aquarius”, Monument of revolution, monument “Catching the Vasilevo-region Bay”, Monument “Macedonia”(Boris Trajkovski) are all in the framework of the town park.

It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Assembly Hall of Municipality of Strumica and occupies area of 3 250 m². There is a seedling of trees and bushes in the park, the most impressive ones among which are there sycamore, tyja, spruce, ash and cypress. There are the monument dedicated to 11 th October, the monument of the five Strumica students, the busts of Blagoj Jankov – Mucheto and Joska Josifovski – Sveshtarot.

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